Why use Executives in Africa?

We believe that we can have a positive and lasting impact on Africa. We do this by identifying the best business leaders for our Clients today who in turn are committed to developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Africa Specialists

We have a team of over 30, focused purely on Africa, giving us an unrivalled network of relevant professionals. Our Consultants have worked on mandates in more than thirty countries in Africa and regularly visit the continent, giving us a thorough understanding of the operating environment and challenges locally.

We are particularly passionate about hiring local African candidates where possible and are expert at relocating Africans in Diaspora, as well as finding expatriates where specific specialist knowledge is required. Over the last 12 months, 71% of our placements to date have been African nationals which is a growing requirement for multinational companies as well as for local indigenous businesses.

Evidential Assessments

Our shortlisted Candidates all undergo a rigorous two-stage Evidential Assessment involving first a forensic style interview to ensure each possesses the technical skills, qualifications and overall experience required for the position. A second interview, undertaken by a different member of the Consulting team, is designed to assess specific soft skills & competencies which will ensure success in this specific role and alignment with the long term strategy for the organisation.

This information is presented in a comprehensive Candidate Report providing far more relevant detail than will be found in a standard CV. Being experts in interviewing, this Evidential Assessment ensures our clients can have confidence that each candidate presented is capable of delivering what is required. The result is evident in our 99% success rate of EiA placed business leaders remaining in their roles.

EiA invested the time and resources up front to truly understand the Brief and candidate profile. Getting a clear and agreed framework up front resulted in a streamlined approach wherein the candidate Short List was sharp and focused

Sector Specialists

Across our team, we have sector specialists within our Consulting and In-House Research Teams across FMCG, retail, oil & gas, mining, financial services, private equity & venture capital, telecommunications, media & technology, transport & logistics, engineering, property & construction, professional services, healthcare, education, charities, agribusiness & industrial manufacturing.

Through selecting the best qualified team for each assignment, we can identify, engage, accurately assess and deliver a Short List within four weeks of the initial briefing, and six weeks for CEO level roles.

Thank you for your work and support in finding two very good candidates for Nigeria. It was good to see such a broad group of quality candidates and the Nigerian team were equally impressed

Track Record of Success

Executives in Africa are proud of our track record of delivery, even having succeeded where other firms have not.  We have an unmatched record in the market for placing quality candidates who remain with organisations long term and who progress within the business.

By applying our defined and proven Search Process, we thoroughly assess capability and fit to a particular opportunity, as well as testing each candidate’s commitment before presenting them on a Short List.  Our 99.4% ‘stay’ rate is testament to the success of our Search methodology.

In short, when you engage with Executives in Africa, you can rest assured that your role will be filled, and that the candidate will become one of your business leaders of the future.


Due Diligence on Every Search

We undertake traditional search methods, always staring with a ‘blank piece of paper’ and fully mapping companies and individuals who match the target profile.

Through activating our established networks across Africa and internationally, we can undertake this mapping and start head hunting suitable candidates within days of instruction.

When you receive a Short List from Executives in Africa, you will be confident that we have done full due diligence of the market on your behalf, and that the candidates selected represent the very best available individuals for your brief, at that point in time.


We aim to work closely in partnership with our Clients, developing a thorough understanding of their business, growth plans and strategies in each country and giving us the ability to pre-empt recruitment plans through offering relevant candidates who arise through ongoing networking.

Business in Africa operates to a large extent on referrals and our success has been built on continual referrals and recommendations.

Success is the only option; we will not take on Searches we cannot deliver on and we always deliver on time.

EiA builds partnerships to the extent that it feels like an in-house resource. I particularly liked the comprehensive process from research to selection and the weekly updates gave me a high degree of confidence that a full and thorough search was being undertaken by the team

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