When to use Executive Search

Executive Search is most suited to critical leadership roles where hiring the very best business leader will give companies a competitive advantage in the market place. It is also the best way to identify rare and highly specific technical skills which are in short supply.

The best talent in any organisation is one of its most valuable assets and companies invest extensive time and resources to retain key individuals, and these candidates are therefore not actively available on the open market.

The only way to access these candidates, therefore, is to identify them through traditional Executive Search methods; mapping the market and then proactively approaching/headhunting them from their place of work. Our experience has shown that the majority of candidates we identify, shortlist and who are subsequently hired through Executive Search, would not respond to an advertised job and had not previously been actively considering other opportunities.

By thoroughly researching the market, identifying and proactively approaching every suitable person for a role, clients can be confident that a comprehensive review of the whole market has been made and that the very best available candidate has been identified when making an offer.

The Executives in Africa Search Process ensures every Executive Search campaign runs to a defined, strict timetable ensuring a prompt, controlled, and where necessary, confidential solution to the requirement, with delivery of quality results.

Executives in Africa are clearly distinguished by their talent hunt culture. They have a clear and well balanced approach into managing expectations of both sides with a great degree of follow up after the engagement

When to use Executive Search in Africa | Executives in Africa